The exception that is thrown when user attempts to terminate the current presenter or application.

Web form as presenter component.

Front Controller.

Application fatal error.

Bad HTTP / presenter request exception.

Signal exception.

The unidirectional router for CLI. (experimental)

Control is renderable component.

File download response.

Forwards to new request.

Defines method that must be implemented to allow a component to act like a presenter.

Responsible for loading presenters.

Any response returned by presenter.

The bi-directional router.

Component with ability to receive signal.

Component with ability to save and load its state.

Link generation exception.

The exception that is thrown when a presenter cannot be loaded.

JSON response used for AJAX requests.

Lazy encapsulation of PresenterComponent::link().

The router broker.

Presenter object represents a webpage instance. It executes all the logic for the request.

PresenterComponent is the base class for all presenters components.

Helpers for Presenter & PresenterComponent.

Default presenter loader.

Presenter request. Immutable object.

Redirects to new request.

Rendering presenter response.

The bidirectional route is responsible for mapping HTTP request to a PresenterRoute object for dispatch and vice-versa.

The bidirectional route for trivial routing via query string.