ILoader deprecated
IMacro deprecated
Template loader.
Latte macro.
IHtmlString deprecated
ISnippetBridge deprecated
Presenter converts Request to IResponse.
Responsible for creating a new instance of given presenter.
Any response returned by presenter.
IRouter deprecated
Component with ability to repaint.
Component with ability to receive signal.
Component with ability to save and load its state.
Defines template.
Defines ITemplate factory.
Cache storage with a bulk read support.
IBulkReader deprecated
IStorage deprecated
Cache storage.
IJournal deprecated
Cache journal provider.
Provides functionality required by all components.
Containers are objects that logically contain zero or more IComponent components.
Adapter for reading and writing configuration files.
IAdapter deprecated
Row interface.
Container of database result fetched into IRow.
Provides cached reflection for database structure.
Supplemental PDO database driver.
Row interface.
Container of database result fetched into IRow objects.
Defines method that must be implemented to allow a component to act like a form control.
Defines method that must implement form renderer.
Defines method that must be implemented to allow a control to submit web form.
HTTP request provides access scheme for request sent via HTTP.
HTTP response interface.
ITranslator deprecated
Translator adapter.
IMailer deprecated
Mailer interface.
Signer interface.
The bi-directional router.
Performs authentication.
Authorizator checks if a given role has authorization to access a given resource.
Represents the user of application.
Represents resource, an object to which access is controlled.
Represents role, an object that may request access to an IResource.
Interface for persistent storage for user object data.
IHtmlString deprecated
Custom output for Debugger.