Nette Framework Database services.
Debug panel for Nette\Database.
Represents a connection between PHP and a database server.
Server connection related errors.
Base class for all constraint violation related exceptions.
Ambiguous reference key exception.
Conventions based on database structure.
Conventions based on static definition.
Supplemental PDO database driver.
Base class for all errors in the driver or SQL server.
Supplemental MS SQL database driver.
Supplemental MySQL database driver.
Supplemental Oracle database driver.
Supplemental ODBC database driver.
Supplemental PostgreSQL database driver.
Supplemental SQLite3 database driver.
Supplemental SQL Server 2005 and later database driver.
Database explorer.
Exception for a foreign key constraint violation.
Database helpers.
IConventions deprecated
IRow deprecated
IRowContainer deprecated
Provides cached reflection for database structure.
ISupplementalDriver deprecated
Exception for a NOT NULL constraint violation.
Represents a result set.
Represents a single table row.
SQL literal value.
SQL preprocessor.
Cached reflection of database structure.
Single row representation.
Representation of filtered table grouped by some column.
IRow deprecated
IRowContainer deprecated
Filtered table representation.
Builds SQL query.
Exception for a unique constraint violation.