Compiler::addExtension() — Method in class Compiler

Add custom configurator extension.

CompilerExtension::afterCompile() — Method in class CompilerExtension

Adjusts DI container compiled to PHP class. Intended to be overridden by descendant.

Loader::addAdapter() — Method in class Loader

Registers adapter for given file extension.

Container::addService() — Method in class Container

Adds the service to the container.

ContainerBuilder::addDefinition() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Adds new service definition.

ContainerBuilder::autowireArguments() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Creates a list of arguments using autowiring.

ContainerBuilder::addExcludedClasses() — Method in class ContainerBuilder
ContainerBuilder::addDependency() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Adds a file to the list of dependencies.

$ ContainerFactory#autoRebuildProperty in class ContainerFactory
ConstantsExtension::afterCompile() — Method in class ConstantsExtension

Adjusts DI container compiled to PHP class. Intended to be overridden by descendant.

PhpExtension::afterCompile() — Method in class PhpExtension

Adjusts DI container compiled to PHP class. Intended to be overridden by descendant.

Helpers::autowireArguments() — Method in class Helpers

Generates list of arguments using autowiring.

ServiceDefinition::addSetup() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::addTag() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
$ Statement#argumentsProperty in class Statement


CompilerExtension::beforeCompile() — Method in class CompilerExtension

Adjusts DI container before is compiled to PHP class. Intended to be overridden by descendant.


ContainerPanelClass in namespace Nette\Bridges\DITracy

Dependency injection container panel for Debugger Bar.

CompilerClass in namespace Nette\DI

DI container compiler.

$ Compiler#containerBuilderProperty in class Compiler
$ Compiler#configProperty in class Compiler
Compiler::compile() — Method in class Compiler
CompilerExtensionClass in namespace Nette\DI

Configurator compiling extension.

$ CompilerExtension#compilerProperty in class CompilerExtension
$ CompilerExtension#configProperty in class CompilerExtension
$ CompilerExtension#containerBuilderProperty in class CompilerExtension
ContainerClass in namespace Nette\DI

The dependency injection container default implementation.

Container::createService() — Method in class Container

Creates new instance of the service.

Container::createInstance() — Method in class Container

Creates new instance using autowiring.

Container::callInjects() — Method in class Container

Calls all methods starting with with "inject" using autowiring.

Container::callMethod() — Method in class Container

Calls method using autowiring.

ContainerBuilderClass in namespace Nette\DI

Basic container builder.

$ ContainerBuilder#currentServiceProperty in class ContainerBuilder
ContainerFactoryClass in namespace Nette\DI

DI container generator.

$ ContainerFactory#classProperty in class ContainerFactory
$ ContainerFactory#configProperty in class ContainerFactory
$ ContainerFactory#configFilesProperty in class ContainerFactory
ContainerFactory::create() — Method in class ContainerFactory
ContainerFactory::createCompiler() — Method in class ContainerFactory
ContainerFactory::createLoader() — Method in class ContainerFactory
ConstantsExtensionClass in namespace Nette\DI\Extensions

Constant definitions.


IniAdapter::dump() — Method in class IniAdapter

Generates configuration string.

NeonAdapter::dump() — Method in class NeonAdapter

Generates configuration string.

PhpAdapter::dump() — Method in class PhpAdapter

Generates configuration string.

IAdapter::dump() — Method in class IAdapter

Generates configuration string.

$ Loader#dependenciesProperty in class Loader
$ ContainerBuilder#definitionsProperty in class ContainerBuilder
$ ContainerBuilder#dependenciesProperty in class ContainerBuilder


$ Compiler#extensionsProperty in class Compiler
Container::expand() — Method in class Container

Expands %placeholders%.

ContainerBuilder::expand() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Expands %placeholders% in strings.

ExtensionsExtensionClass in namespace Nette\DI\Extensions

Enables registration of other extensions in $config file

Helpers::expand() — Method in class Helpers

Expands %placeholders%.


Compiler::filterArguments() — Method in class Compiler

Removes ... and replaces entities with Statement.

Container::findByType() — Method in class Container

Gets the service names of the specified type.

Container::findByTag() — Method in class Container

Gets the service names of the specified tag.

ContainerBuilder::findByTag() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Gets the service objects of the specified tag.

ContainerBuilder::formatStatement() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Formats PHP code for class instantiating, function calling or property setting in PHP.

ContainerBuilder::formatPhp() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Formats PHP statement.


ContainerPanel::getTab() — Method in class ContainerPanel

Renders tab.

ContainerPanel::getPanel() — Method in class ContainerPanel

Renders panel.

Compiler::getExtensions() — Method in class Compiler
Compiler::getContainerBuilder() — Method in class Compiler
Compiler::getConfig() — Method in class Compiler

Returns configuration.

Compiler::generateCode() — Method in class Compiler
CompilerExtension::getConfig() — Method in class CompilerExtension

Returns extension configuration.

CompilerExtension::getContainerBuilder() — Method in class CompilerExtension
Loader::getDependencies() — Method in class Loader

Returns configuration files.

Container::getParameters() — Method in class Container
Container::getService() — Method in class Container

Gets the service object by name.

Container::getByType() — Method in class Container

Resolves service by type.

Container::getMethodName() — Method in class Container
ContainerBuilder::getDefinition() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Gets the service definition.

ContainerBuilder::getDefinitions() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Gets all service definitions.

ContainerBuilder::getByType() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Resolves service name by type.

ContainerBuilder::getDependencies() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Returns the list of dependent files.

ContainerBuilder::generateClasses() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Generates PHP classes. First class is the container.

ContainerBuilder::getServiceName() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Converts @service or @\Class -> service name and checks its existence.

ContainerFactory::generateCode() — Method in class ContainerFactory
ContainerFactory::generateConfig() — Method in class ContainerFactory
Helpers::getInjectProperties() — Method in class Helpers

Generates list of properties with annotation @inject.

ServiceDefinition::getTag() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::getClass() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::getFactory() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::getSetup() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::getParameters() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::getTags() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::getInject() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::getImplement() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::getImplementType() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
Statement::getEntity() — Method in class Statement


HelpersClass in namespace Nette\DI\Config

Configuration helpers.

Container::hasService() — Method in class Container

Does the service exist?

ContainerBuilder::hasDefinition() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Does the service definition exist?

HelpersClass in namespace Nette\DI

The DI helpers.


IniAdapterClass in namespace Nette\DI\Config\Adapters

Reading and generating INI files.

Helpers::isOverwriting() — Method in class Helpers
Helpers::isInheriting() — Method in class Helpers
IAdapterClass in namespace Nette\DI\Config

Adapter for reading and writing configuration files.

Container::isCreated() — Method in class Container

Is the service created?

$ ServiceDefinition#injectProperty in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::isShared() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::isAutowired() — Method in class ServiceDefinition


CompilerExtension::loadFromFile() — Method in class CompilerExtension

Reads configuration from file.

CompilerExtension::loadConfiguration() — Method in class CompilerExtension

Processes configuration data. Intended to be overridden by descendant.

IniAdapter::load() — Method in class IniAdapter

Reads configuration from file.

NeonAdapter::load() — Method in class NeonAdapter

Reads configuration from file.

PhpAdapter::load() — Method in class PhpAdapter

Reads configuration from file.

IAdapter::load() — Method in class IAdapter

Reads configuration from file.

LoaderClass in namespace Nette\DI\Config

Configuration file loader.

Loader::load() — Method in class Loader

Reads configuration from file.

ContainerBuilder::literal() — Method in class ContainerBuilder
ExtensionsExtension::loadConfiguration() — Method in class ExtensionsExtension

Processes configuration data. Intended to be overridden by descendant.


Helpers::merge() — Method in class Helpers

Merges configurations. Left has higher priority than right one.

$ Container#metaProperty in class Container
MissingServiceExceptionClass in namespace Nette\DI

Service not found exception.


$ CompilerExtension#nameProperty in class CompilerExtension
NeonAdapterClass in namespace Nette\DI\Config\Adapters

Reading and generating NEON files.

ContainerBuilder::normalizeEntity() — Method in class ContainerBuilder


$ ContainerFactory#onCompileProperty in class ContainerFactory


Compiler::processParameters() — Method in class Compiler
Compiler::processExtensions() — Method in class Compiler
Compiler::processServices() — Method in class Compiler
Compiler::parseServices() — Method in class Compiler

Parses section 'services' from (unexpanded) configuration file.

Compiler::parseService() — Method in class Compiler

Parses single service from configuration file.

CompilerExtension::prefix() — Method in class CompilerExtension

Prepend extension name to identifier or service name.

PhpAdapterClass in namespace Nette\DI\Config\Adapters

Reading and generating PHP files.

$ Container#parametersProperty in class Container
$ ContainerBuilder#parametersProperty in class ContainerBuilder
ContainerBuilder::prepareClassList() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Generates $dependencies, $classes and normalizes class names.

$ ContainerFactory#parentClassProperty in class ContainerFactory
PhpExtensionClass in namespace Nette\DI\Extensions

PHP directives definition.

$ ServiceDefinition#parametersProperty in class ServiceDefinition


Container::removeService() — Method in class Container

Removes the service from the container.

ContainerBuilder::removeDefinition() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Removes the specified service definition.


CompilerExtension::setCompiler() — Method in class CompilerExtension
Loader::save() — Method in class Loader

Save configuration to file.

ServiceCreationExceptionClass in namespace Nette\DI

Service creation exception.

ServiceDefinitionClass in namespace Nette\DI

Definition used by ContainerBuilder.

ServiceDefinition::setClass() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::setFactory() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::setArguments() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::setShared() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::setSetup() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::setParameters() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::setTags() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::setAutowired() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::setInject() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::setImplement() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::setImplementType() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
StatementClass in namespace Nette\DI

Assignment or calling statement.

Statement::setEntity() — Method in class Statement


Helpers::takeParent() — Method in class Helpers

Finds out and removes information about the parent.

$ ContainerFactory#tempDirectoryProperty in class ContainerFactory


ContainerPanel::__construct() — Method in class ContainerPanel
Compiler::__construct() — Method in class Compiler
Container::__construct() — Method in class Container
Container::__get() — Method in class Container
Container::__set() — Method in class Container
Container::__isset() — Method in class Container
Container::__unset() — Method in class Container
ContainerFactory::__construct() — Method in class ContainerFactory
Statement::__construct() — Method in class Statement