Compiler::addMacro() — Method in class Compiler

Adds new macro.

Engine::addFilter() — Method in class Engine

Registers run-time filter.

Engine::addMacro() — Method in class Engine

Adds new macro.

$ HtmlNode#attrsProperty in class HtmlNode
$ HtmlNode#attrCodeProperty in class HtmlNode
$ MacroNode#argsProperty in class MacroNode
$ MacroNode#attrCodeProperty in class MacroNode
MacroTokens::append() — Method in class MacroTokens

Appends simple token or string (will be parsed).

MacroSet::addMacro() — Method in class MacroSet


BlockMacrosClass in namespace Latte\Macros

Block macros.

Filters::bytes() — Method in class Filters

Converts to human readable file size.


CompileExceptionClass in namespace Latte

The exception occured during Latte compilation.

CompilerClass in namespace Latte

Latte compiler.

Compiler::compile() — Method in class Compiler

Compiles tokens to PHP code.

Compiler::closeMacro() — Method in class Compiler

Generates code for {/macro ...} to the output.

Engine::compile() — Method in class Engine

Compiles template to PHP code.

Helpers::checkCallback() — Method in class Helpers

Checks callback.

$ HtmlNode#closingProperty in class HtmlNode
$ MacroNode#closingProperty in class MacroNode
$ MacroNode#closingCodeProperty in class MacroNode
$ MacroNode#contentProperty in class MacroNode
BlockMacros::callBlock() — Method in class BlockMacros

Calls block.

BlockMacros::callBlockParent() — Method in class BlockMacros

Calls parent block.

CoreMacrosClass in namespace Latte\Macros

Basic macros for Latte.

CachingIteratorClass in namespace Latte\Runtime

Smarter caching iterator.

$ CachingIterator#counterProperty in class CachingIterator
CachingIterator::count() — Method in class CachingIterator

Returns the count of elements.

Filters::capitalize() — Method in class Filters

Capitalize string.

$ Token#closingProperty in class Token
TokenIterator::currentToken() — Method in class TokenIterator

Returns current token.

TokenIterator::currentValue() — Method in class TokenIterator

Returns current token value.


$ MacroNode#dataProperty in class MacroNode
$ MacroTokens#depthProperty in class MacroTokens
$ Parser#defaultSyntaxProperty in class Parser
$ Filters#dateFormatProperty in class Filters
Filters::date() — Method in class Filters

Date/time formatting.

Filters::dataStream() — Method in class Filters

The data: URI generator.


Compiler::expandTokens() — Method in class Compiler
Compiler::expandMacro() — Method in class Compiler

Expands macro and returns node & code.

EngineClass in namespace Latte

Templating engine Latte.

$ Helpers#emptyElementsProperty in class Helpers
PhpWriter::expandFilter() — Method in class PhpWriter

Pseudocast (expand).

PhpWriter::escapeFilter() — Method in class PhpWriter

Escapes expression in tokens.

$ CachingIterator#emptyProperty in class CachingIterator
$ CachingIterator#evenProperty in class CachingIterator
Filters::escapeHtml() — Method in class Filters

Escapes string for use inside HTML template.

Filters::escapeHtmlComment() — Method in class Filters

Escapes string for use inside HTML comments.

Filters::escapeXML() — Method in class Filters

Escapes string for use inside XML 1.0 template.

Filters::escapeCss() — Method in class Filters

Escapes string for use inside CSS template.

Filters::escapeJs() — Method in class Filters

Escapes variables for use inside