Dependency injection container panel for Debugger Bar.


DI container compiler.

Configurator compiling extension.

Adapter for reading and writing configuration files.

Reading and generating NEON files.

Reading and generating PHP files.

Service configuration schema.

Helpers deprecated

Configuration helpers.

IAdapter deprecated

Configuration file loader.

The dependency injection container default implementation.

Container builder.

DI container loader.

Accessor definition.

Definition used by ContainerBuilder.

Definition of standard service.

Imported service injected to the container.

Multi accessor/factory definition.

Reference to service. Either by name or by type or reference to the 'self' service.

Definition of standard service.

Assignment or calling statement.

Cache dependencies checker.

Constant definitions.

DI extension.

Decorators for services.

Enables registration of other extensions in $config file

Calls inject methods and fills @inject properties.


PHP directives definition.

Services auto-discovery.

Service definitions loader.

The DI helpers.

Error in configuration.

Service not found exception.

Not allowed when container is resolving.

Container PHP code generator.

Services resolver

Service creation exception.

ServiceDefinition deprecated
Statement deprecated