AutowiringClass in namespace Nette\DI
Autowiring::addExcludedClasses() — Method in class Autowiring
Compiler::addExtension() — Method in class Compiler

Add custom configurator extension.

Compiler::addConfig() — Method in class Compiler

Adds new configuration.

Compiler::addDependencies() — Method in class Compiler

Adds dependencies to the list.

Compiler::addExportedTag() — Method in class Compiler
Compiler::addExportedType() — Method in class Compiler
CompilerExtension::afterCompile() — Method in class CompilerExtension

Adjusts DI container compiled to PHP class. Intended to be overridden by descendant.

AdapterClass in namespace Nette\DI\Config

Adapter for reading and writing configuration files.

Loader::addAdapter() — Method in class Loader

Registers adapter for given file extension.

$ Container#aliasesProperty in class Container
Container::addService() — Method in class Container

Adds the service to the container.

ContainerBuilder::addDefinition() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Adds new service definition.

ContainerBuilder::addAccessorDefinition() — Method in class ContainerBuilder
ContainerBuilder::addFactoryDefinition() — Method in class ContainerBuilder
ContainerBuilder::addLocatorDefinition() — Method in class ContainerBuilder
ContainerBuilder::addImportedDefinition() — Method in class ContainerBuilder
ContainerBuilder::addAlias() — Method in class ContainerBuilder
ContainerBuilder::addExcludedClasses() — Method in class ContainerBuilder
ContainerBuilder::addDependency() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Adds item to the list of dependencies.

AccessorDefinitionClass in namespace Nette\DI\Definitions

Accessor definition.

Definition::addTag() — Method in class Definition
FactoryDefinition::addSetup() — Method in class FactoryDefinition
ServiceDefinition::addSetup() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
$ Statement#argumentsProperty in class Statement
DependencyChecker::add() — Method in class DependencyChecker

Adds dependencies to the list.

DecoratorExtension::addSetups() — Method in class DecoratorExtension
DecoratorExtension::addTags() — Method in class DecoratorExtension
ParametersExtension::afterCompile() — Method in class ParametersExtension

Adjusts DI container compiled to PHP class. Intended to be overridden by descendant.

PhpGenerator::addInitialization() — Method in class PhpGenerator
Resolver::addDependency() — Method in class Resolver

Adds item to the list of dependencies.

Resolver::autowireArguments() — Method in class Resolver

Add missing arguments using autowiring.


CompilerExtension::beforeCompile() — Method in class CompilerExtension

Adjusts DI container before is compiled to PHP class. Intended to be overridden by descendant.

DecoratorExtension::beforeCompile() — Method in class DecoratorExtension

Adjusts DI container before is compiled to PHP class. Intended to be overridden by descendant.

InjectExtension::beforeCompile() — Method in class InjectExtension

Adjusts DI container before is compiled to PHP class. Intended to be overridden by descendant.

SearchExtension::beforeCompile() — Method in class SearchExtension

Adjusts DI container before is compiled to PHP class. Intended to be overridden by descendant.


ContainerPanelClass in namespace Nette\Bridges\DITracy

Dependency injection container panel for Debugger Bar.

$ ContainerPanel#compilationTimeProperty in class ContainerPanel
CompilerClass in namespace Nette\DI

DI container compiler.

Compiler::compile() — Method in class Compiler
Compiler::createPhpGenerator() — Method in class Compiler
CompilerExtensionClass in namespace Nette\DI

Configurator compiling extension.

$ CompilerExtension#compilerProperty in class CompilerExtension
$ CompilerExtension#configProperty in class CompilerExtension
CompilerExtension::createLoader() — Method in class CompilerExtension
DefinitionSchema::complete() — Method in class DefinitionSchema
DefinitionSchema::completeDefault() — Method in class DefinitionSchema
ContainerClass in namespace Nette\DI

The dependency injection container default implementation.

Container::createService() — Method in class Container

Creates new instance of the service.

Container::createInstance() — Method in class Container

Creates new instance using autowiring.

Container::callInjects() — Method in class Container

Calls all methods starting with with "inject" using autowiring.

Container::callMethod() — Method in class Container

Calls method using autowiring.

ContainerBuilderClass in namespace Nette\DI

Container builder.

ContainerBuilder::complete() — Method in class ContainerBuilder
ContainerLoaderClass in namespace Nette\DI

DI container loader.

AccessorDefinition::complete() — Method in class AccessorDefinition
Definition::complete() — Method in class Definition
FactoryDefinition::complete() — Method in class FactoryDefinition
FactoryDefinition::convertArguments() — Method in class FactoryDefinition
ImportedDefinition::complete() — Method in class ImportedDefinition
LocatorDefinition::complete() — Method in class LocatorDefinition
$ ServiceDefinition#classProperty in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::complete() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ConstantsExtensionClass in namespace Nette\DI\Extensions

Constant definitions.

InjectExtension::callInjects() — Method in class InjectExtension

Calls all methods starting with with "inject" using autowiring.

Helpers::convertType() — Method in class Helpers

Non data-loss type conversion.

PhpGenerator::convertParameters() — Method in class PhpGenerator

Converts parameters from Definition to PhpGenerator.

Resolver::completeDefinition() — Method in class Resolver
Resolver::completeStatement() — Method in class Resolver
Resolver::completeArguments() — Method in class Resolver


Adapter::dump() — Method in class Adapter

Generates configuration string.

NeonAdapter::dump() — Method in class NeonAdapter

Generates configuration in NEON format.

PhpAdapter::dump() — Method in class PhpAdapter

Generates configuration in PHP format.

DefinitionSchemaClass in namespace Nette\DI\Config

Service configuration schema.

DefinitionClass in namespace Nette\DI\Definitions

Definition used by ContainerBuilder.

DependencyCheckerClass in namespace Nette\DI

Cache dependencies checker.

DynamicParameterClass in namespace Nette\DI
DIExtensionClass in namespace Nette\DI\Extensions

DI extension.

$ DIExtension#debuggerProperty in class DIExtension
DecoratorExtensionClass in namespace Nette\DI\Extensions

Decorators for services.

$ ParametersExtension#dynamicParamsProperty in class ParametersExtension
$ ParametersExtension#dynamicValidatorsProperty in class ParametersExtension


Compiler::exportDependencies() — Method in class Compiler

Exports dependencies.

Loader::expandIncludedFile() — Method in class Loader

Expands included file name.

ContainerBuilder::exportMeta() — Method in class ContainerBuilder
$ Statement#entityProperty in class Statement
DependencyChecker::export() — Method in class DependencyChecker

Exports dependencies.

$ DIExtension#exportedTagsProperty in class DIExtension
$ DIExtension#exportedTypesProperty in class DIExtension
$ DIExtension#excludedProperty in class DIExtension
$ DIExtension#exportProperty in class DIExtension
ExtensionsExtensionClass in namespace Nette\DI\Extensions

Enables registration of other extensions in $config file

Helpers::expand() — Method in class Helpers

Expands %placeholders%.

Helpers::escape() — Method in class Helpers

Escapes '%' and '@'

Helpers::ensureClassType() — Method in class Helpers


Autowiring::findByType() — Method in class Autowiring

Gets the service names and definitions of the specified type.

Container::findAutowired() — Method in class Container

Gets the autowired service names of the specified type.

Container::findByType() — Method in class Container

Gets the service names of the specified type.

Container::findByTag() — Method in class Container

Gets the service names of the specified tag.

ContainerBuilder::findAutowired() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Gets the autowired service names and definitions of the specified type.

ContainerBuilder::findByType() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Gets the service names and definitions of the specified type.

ContainerBuilder::findByTag() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Gets the service names and tag values.

ContainerBuilder::formatPhp() — Method in class ContainerBuilder
FactoryDefinitionClass in namespace Nette\DI\Definitions

Definition of standard service.

Reference::fromType() — Method in class Reference
$ ServiceDefinition#factoryProperty in class ServiceDefinition
SearchExtension::findClasses() — Method in class SearchExtension
Helpers::filterArguments() — Method in class Helpers

Removes ... and process constants recursively.

PhpGenerator::formatStatement() — Method in class PhpGenerator

Formats PHP code for class instantiating, function calling or property setting in PHP.

PhpGenerator::formatPhp() — Method in class PhpGenerator

Formats PHP statement.


ContainerPanel::getTab() — Method in class ContainerPanel

Renders tab.

ContainerPanel::getPanel() — Method in class ContainerPanel

Renders panel.

Autowiring::getByType() — Method in class Autowiring

Resolves service name by type.

Autowiring::getClassList() — Method in class Autowiring
Compiler::getExtensions() — Method in class Compiler
Compiler::getContainerBuilder() — Method in class Compiler
Compiler::getConfig() — Method in class Compiler

Returns configuration.

Compiler::generateCode() — Method in class Compiler
CompilerExtension::getConfig() — Method in class CompilerExtension

Returns extension configuration.

CompilerExtension::getConfigSchema() — Method in class CompilerExtension

Returns configuration schema.

CompilerExtension::getContainerBuilder() — Method in class CompilerExtension
CompilerExtension::getInitialization() — Method in class CompilerExtension
Loader::getDependencies() — Method in class Loader

Returns configuration files.

Container::getParameters() — Method in class Container
Container::getService() — Method in class Container

Gets the service object by name.

Container::getByName() — Method in class Container

Gets the service object by name.

Container::getServiceType() — Method in class Container

Gets the service type by name.

Container::getByType() — Method in class Container

Resolves service by type.

Container::getMethodName() — Method in class Container
ContainerBuilder::getDefinition() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Gets the service definition.

ContainerBuilder::getDefinitions() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Gets all service definitions.

ContainerBuilder::getAliases() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Gets all service aliases.

ContainerBuilder::getByType() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Resolves autowired service name by type.

ContainerBuilder::getDefinitionByType() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Gets autowired service definition of the specified type.

ContainerBuilder::getDependencies() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Returns the list of dependencies.

ContainerLoader::getClassName() — Method in class ContainerLoader
ContainerLoader::generate() — Method in class ContainerLoader
AccessorDefinition::getImplement() — Method in class AccessorDefinition
AccessorDefinition::getReference() — Method in class AccessorDefinition
AccessorDefinition::generateMethod() — Method in class AccessorDefinition
Definition::getName() — Method in class Definition
Definition::getType() — Method in class Definition
Definition::getTags() — Method in class Definition
Definition::getTag() — Method in class Definition
Definition::getAutowired() — Method in class Definition
Definition::generateMethod() — Method in class Definition
Definition::getClass() — Method in class Definition
Definition::getImplement() — Method in class Definition
FactoryDefinition::getImplement() — Method in class FactoryDefinition
FactoryDefinition::getResultType() — Method in class FactoryDefinition
FactoryDefinition::getResultDefinition() — Method in class FactoryDefinition
FactoryDefinition::getFactory() — Method in class FactoryDefinition
FactoryDefinition::getEntity() — Method in class FactoryDefinition
FactoryDefinition::getSetup() — Method in class FactoryDefinition
FactoryDefinition::getParameters() — Method in class FactoryDefinition
FactoryDefinition::generateMethod() — Method in class FactoryDefinition
ImportedDefinition::generateMethod() — Method in class ImportedDefinition
LocatorDefinition::getImplement() — Method in class LocatorDefinition
LocatorDefinition::getReferences() — Method in class LocatorDefinition
LocatorDefinition::getTagged() — Method in class LocatorDefinition
LocatorDefinition::generateMethod() — Method in class LocatorDefinition
Reference::getValue() — Method in class Reference
ServiceDefinition::getFactory() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::getCreator() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::getEntity() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::getSetup() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::getParameters() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::generateMethod() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
Statement::getEntity() — Method in class Statement
DecoratorExtension::getConfigSchema() — Method in class DecoratorExtension

Returns configuration schema.

ExtensionsExtension::getConfigSchema() — Method in class ExtensionsExtension

Returns configuration schema.

InjectExtension::getConfigSchema() — Method in class InjectExtension

Returns configuration schema.

InjectExtension::getInjectMethods() — Method in class InjectExtension

Generates list of inject methods.

InjectExtension::getInjectProperties() — Method in class InjectExtension

Generates list of properties with annotation @inject.

PhpExtension::getConfigSchema() — Method in class PhpExtension

Returns configuration schema.

SearchExtension::getConfigSchema() — Method in class SearchExtension

Returns configuration schema.

ServicesExtension::getConfigSchema() — Method in class ServicesExtension

Returns configuration schema.

Helpers::getReturnTypeAnnotation() — Method in class Helpers
PhpGenerator::generate() — Method in class PhpGenerator

Generates PHP classes. First class is the container.

PhpGenerator::generateMethod() — Method in class PhpGenerator
PhpGenerator::getClassName() — Method in class PhpGenerator
Resolver::getContainerBuilder() — Method in class Resolver
Resolver::getByType() — Method in class Resolver

Returns named reference to service resolved by type (or 'self' reference for local-autowiring).


HelpersClass in namespace Nette\DI\Config

Configuration helpers.

Container::hasService() — Method in class Container

Does the service exist?

ContainerBuilder::hasDefinition() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Does the service definition or alias exist?

HelpersClass in namespace Nette\DI

The DI helpers.


InjectClass in namespace Nette\DI\Attributes
$ CompilerExtension#initializationProperty in class CompilerExtension
IAdapterClass in namespace Nette\DI\Config
Container::isCreated() — Method in class Container

Is the service created?

Definition::isExported() — Method in class Definition
Definition::isDynamic() — Method in class Definition
Definition::isAutowired() — Method in class Definition
ImportedDefinitionClass in namespace Nette\DI\Definitions

Imported service injected to the container.

ImportedDefinition::isDynamic() — Method in class ImportedDefinition
Reference::isName() — Method in class Reference
Reference::isType() — Method in class Reference
Reference::isSelf() — Method in class Reference
DependencyChecker::isExpired() — Method in class DependencyChecker

Are dependencies expired?

InjectExtensionClass in namespace Nette\DI\Extensions

Calls inject methods and fills @inject properties.

InvalidConfigurationExceptionClass in namespace Nette\DI

Error in configuration.


Compiler::loadConfig() — Method in class Compiler

Adds new configuration from file.

Compiler::loadDefinitionsFromConfig() — Method in class Compiler

Loads list of service definitions from configuration.

Compiler::loadDefinitions() — Method in class Compiler
Compiler::loadDefinition() — Method in class Compiler
CompilerExtension::loadFromFile() — Method in class CompilerExtension

Reads configuration from file.

CompilerExtension::loadDefinitionsFromConfig() — Method in class CompilerExtension

Loads list of service definitions from configuration.

CompilerExtension::loadConfiguration() — Method in class CompilerExtension

Processes configuration data. Intended to be overridden by descendant.

Adapter::load() — Method in class Adapter

Reads configuration from file.

NeonAdapter::load() — Method in class NeonAdapter

Reads configuration from NEON file.

PhpAdapter::load() — Method in class PhpAdapter

Reads configuration from PHP file.

LoaderClass in namespace Nette\DI\Config

Configuration file loader.

Loader::load() — Method in class Loader

Reads configuration from file.

ContainerBuilder::literal() — Method in class ContainerBuilder
ContainerLoader::load() — Method in class ContainerLoader
LocatorDefinitionClass in namespace Nette\DI\Definitions

Multi accessor/factory definition.

ConstantsExtension::loadConfiguration() — Method in class ConstantsExtension

Processes configuration data. Intended to be overridden by descendant.

ExtensionsExtension::loadConfiguration() — Method in class ExtensionsExtension

Processes configuration data. Intended to be overridden by descendant.

ParametersExtension::loadConfiguration() — Method in class ParametersExtension

Processes configuration data. Intended to be overridden by descendant.

PhpExtension::loadConfiguration() — Method in class PhpExtension

Processes configuration data. Intended to be overridden by descendant.

SearchExtension::loadConfiguration() — Method in class SearchExtension

Processes configuration data. Intended to be overridden by descendant.

ServicesExtension::loadConfiguration() — Method in class ServicesExtension

Processes configuration data. Intended to be overridden by descendant.

ServicesExtension::loadDefinitions() — Method in class ServicesExtension

Loads list of service definitions.


DefinitionSchema::merge() — Method in class DefinitionSchema
Helpers::merge() — Method in class Helpers

Merges configurations. Left has higher priority than right one.

MissingServiceExceptionClass in namespace Nette\DI

Service not found exception.


$ CompilerExtension#nameProperty in class CompilerExtension
NeonAdapterClass in namespace Nette\DI\Config\Adapters

Reading and generating NEON files.

DefinitionSchema::normalize() — Method in class DefinitionSchema

Normalizes configuration of service definitions.

Helpers::normalizeClass() — Method in class Helpers
NotAllowedDuringResolvingExceptionClass in namespace Nette\DI

Not allowed when container is resolving.

Resolver::normalizeReference() — Method in class Resolver

Normalizes reference to 'self' or named reference (or leaves it typed if it is not possible during resolving) and checks existence of service.


Compiler::processExtensions() — Method in class Compiler
CompilerExtension::prefix() — Method in class CompilerExtension

Prepend extension name to identifier or service name.

NeonAdapter::process() — Method in class NeonAdapter
PhpAdapterClass in namespace Nette\DI\Config\Adapters

Reading and generating PHP files.

$ Container#parametersProperty in class Container
$ ContainerBuilder#parametersProperty in class ContainerBuilder
ContainerBuilder::prepareClassList() — Method in class ContainerBuilder
$ FactoryDefinition#parametersProperty in class FactoryDefinition
$ DIExtension#parentClassProperty in class DIExtension
ParametersExtensionClass in namespace Nette\DI\Extensions
PhpExtensionClass in namespace Nette\DI\Extensions

PHP directives definition.

Helpers::prefixServiceName() — Method in class Helpers

Replaces @extension with real extension name in service definition.

Helpers::parseAnnotation() — Method in class Helpers

Returns an annotation value.

PhpGeneratorClass in namespace Nette\DI

Container PHP code generator.


Autowiring::rebuild() — Method in class Autowiring
NeonAdapter::removeUnderscoreVisitor() — Method in class NeonAdapter
Container::removeService() — Method in class Container

Removes the service from the container.

ContainerBuilder::removeDefinition() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Removes the specified service definition.

ContainerBuilder::removeAlias() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Removes the specified alias.

ContainerBuilder::resolve() — Method in class ContainerBuilder

Checks services, resolves types and rebuilts autowiring classlist.

AccessorDefinition::resolveType() — Method in class AccessorDefinition
Definition::resolveType() — Method in class Definition
FactoryDefinition::resolveType() — Method in class FactoryDefinition
ImportedDefinition::resolveType() — Method in class ImportedDefinition
LocatorDefinition::resolveType() — Method in class LocatorDefinition
ReferenceClass in namespace Nette\DI\Definitions

Reference to service. Either by name or by type or reference to the 'self' service.

ServiceDefinition::resolveType() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ResolverClass in namespace Nette\DI

Services resolver

Resolver::resolveDefinition() — Method in class Resolver
Resolver::resolveReferenceType() — Method in class Resolver
Resolver::resolveEntityType() — Method in class Resolver
Resolver::resolveReference() — Method in class Resolver


Compiler::setClassName() — Method in class Compiler
Compiler::setDynamicParameterNames() — Method in class Compiler

Sets the names of dynamic parameters.

CompilerExtension::setCompiler() — Method in class CompilerExtension
CompilerExtension::setConfig() — Method in class CompilerExtension
Loader::save() — Method in class Loader

Save configuration to file.

Loader::setParameters() — Method in class Loader
AccessorDefinition::setImplement() — Method in class AccessorDefinition
AccessorDefinition::setReference() — Method in class AccessorDefinition
Definition::setName() — Method in class Definition
Definition::setType() — Method in class Definition
Definition::setTags() — Method in class Definition
Definition::setAutowired() — Method in class Definition
Definition::setExported() — Method in class Definition
Definition::setNotifier() — Method in class Definition
Definition::setClass() — Method in class Definition
FactoryDefinition::setImplement() — Method in class FactoryDefinition
FactoryDefinition::setResultDefinition() — Method in class FactoryDefinition
FactoryDefinition::setFactory() — Method in class FactoryDefinition
FactoryDefinition::setArguments() — Method in class FactoryDefinition
FactoryDefinition::setSetup() — Method in class FactoryDefinition
FactoryDefinition::setParameters() — Method in class FactoryDefinition
ImportedDefinition::setType() — Method in class ImportedDefinition
LocatorDefinition::setImplement() — Method in class LocatorDefinition
LocatorDefinition::setReferences() — Method in class LocatorDefinition
LocatorDefinition::setTagged() — Method in class LocatorDefinition
ServiceDefinitionClass in namespace Nette\DI\Definitions

Definition of standard service.

$ ServiceDefinition#setupProperty in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::setClass() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::setType() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::setFactory() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::setCreator() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::setArguments() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::setArgument() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::setSetup() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::setParameters() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::setDynamic() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::setImplement() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::setInject() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
StatementClass in namespace Nette\DI\Definitions

Assignment or calling statement.

SearchExtensionClass in namespace Nette\DI\Extensions

Services auto-discovery.

ServicesExtensionClass in namespace Nette\DI\Extensions

Service definitions loader.

ServiceCreationExceptionClass in namespace Nette\DI

Service creation exception.

ServiceCreationException::setMessage() — Method in class ServiceCreationException
ServiceDefinitionClass in namespace Nette\DI
StatementClass in namespace Nette\DI


Helpers::takeParent() — Method in class Helpers

Return true if array prevents merging and removes this information.

$ Container#typesProperty in class Container
$ Container#tagsProperty in class Container
PhpGenerator::toString() — Method in class PhpGenerator


CompilerExtension::validateConfig() — Method in class CompilerExtension

Checks whether $config contains only $expected items and returns combined array.


$ Container#wiringProperty in class Container


ContainerPanel::__construct() — Method in class ContainerPanel
Autowiring::__construct() — Method in class Autowiring
Compiler::__construct() — Method in class Compiler
DefinitionSchema::__construct() — Method in class DefinitionSchema
Container::__construct() — Method in class Container
ContainerBuilder::__construct() — Method in class ContainerBuilder
ContainerLoader::__construct() — Method in class ContainerLoader
Definition::__clone() — Method in class Definition
FactoryDefinition::__construct() — Method in class FactoryDefinition
FactoryDefinition::__clone() — Method in class FactoryDefinition
Reference::__construct() — Method in class Reference
ServiceDefinition::__construct() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
ServiceDefinition::__clone() — Method in class ServiceDefinition
Statement::__construct() — Method in class Statement
DIExtension::__construct() — Method in class DIExtension
ParametersExtension::__construct() — Method in class ParametersExtension
SearchExtension::__construct() — Method in class SearchExtension
PhpGenerator::__construct() — Method in class PhpGenerator
Resolver::__construct() — Method in class Resolver