BlueScreen panels for Tracy 2.x

Bar panel for Tracy 2.x

Extension for Tracy 2.x

The exception occurred during Latte compilation.

Context-aware escaping.

ExpressionBuilder deprecated

HTML bogus tag.

HTML element node.

ArrayItemNode deprecated
StaticCallNode deprecated
StaticCallableNode deprecated

Only for parser needs.

PHP helpers.

PHP printing helpers and context.


Latte tag or n:attribute.

Lexer for PHP-like expression language used in tags.

Parser for PHP-like expression language used in tags.

Template code generator.

Template parser extension for HTML.

TokenStream loads tokens from $source iterator on-demand, and places them in a buffer to provide access to any previous token by index.

Templating engine Latte.

Generates blueprint of template class.

Smarter caching iterator.

Basic tags and filters for Latte.

Template filters. Uses UTF-8 only.

{block [local] [name]}

{capture $variable}

{contentType ...}

{debugbreak [$cond]}

{define [local] name}

{do expression}

{dump [$var]}

{embed [block|file] name [,] [params]}

{extends none | auto | "file"} {layout none | auto | "file"}

{first [$width]} {last [$width]} {sep [$width]}

{for $init; $cond; $next}

{foreach $expr as $key => $value} & {else}

{ifchanged [$var]} ... {else}


{if $cond} & {elseif $cond} & {else} {if} & {/if $cond} {ifset $var} & {elseifset $var} {ifset block} & {elseifset block}

{import "file"}

{include [block] name [from file] [, args]}

{include [file] "file" [with blocks] [,] [params]}

{iterateWhile $cond}

{breakIf ...} {continueIf ...} {skipIf ...} {exitIf ...}


{parameters [type] $var, ...}

{= ...}

{php statement; statement; ...}


{switch} ... {case} ... {default}

{templatePrint [ParentClass]}

{templateType ClassName}


{translate} ... {/translate}

{try} ... {else}

{var [type] $var = value, ...} {default [type] $var = value, ...}

{varPrint [all]}

{varType type $var}

{while $cond}

Raw PHP in {php ...}

Extension for translations.

Latte extension.

Latte helpers.

Template loader.

Template loader.

Template loader.

The exception occurred during template rendering.

Filter executor.

Filter runtime info

Escaping & sanitization filters.

Functions executor.

HTML literal.


{sandbox "file" [,] [params]}

Security protection for the sandbox.

Default-deny policy.

Exception thrown when a not allowed construction is used in a template.