AreaNodeClass in namespace Latte\Compiler\Nodes
AuxiliaryNodeClass in namespace Latte\Compiler\Nodes
FragmentNode::append() — Method in class FragmentNode
AttributeNodeClass in namespace Latte\Compiler\Nodes\Html
$ ElementNode#attributesProperty in class ElementNode
ArgumentNodeClass in namespace Latte\Compiler\Nodes\Php
ArrayItemNodeClass in namespace Latte\Compiler\Nodes\Php
ArrayAccessNodeClass in namespace Latte\Compiler\Nodes\Php\Expression
ArrayItemNodeClass in namespace Latte\Compiler\Nodes\Php\Expression
ArrayNodeClass in namespace Latte\Compiler\Nodes\Php\Expression
AssignNodeClass in namespace Latte\Compiler\Nodes\Php\Expression
AssignOpNodeClass in namespace Latte\Compiler\Nodes\Php\Expression
AuxiliaryNodeClass in namespace Latte\Compiler\Nodes\Php\Expression
Position::advance() — Method in class Position
PrintContext::addBlock() — Method in class PrintContext
PrintContext::argumentsAsArray() — Method in class PrintContext
TemplateGenerator::addMethod() — Method in class TemplateGenerator

Adds custom method to template.

TemplateGenerator::addProperty() — Method in class TemplateGenerator

Adds custom property to template.

TemplateGenerator::addConstant() — Method in class TemplateGenerator

Adds custom constant to template.

TemplateParser::addTags() — Method in class TemplateParser
Engine::applyPasses() — Method in class Engine

Calls node visitors.

Engine::addFilter() — Method in class Engine

Registers run-time filter.

Engine::addFilterLoader() — Method in class Engine

Registers filter loader.

Engine::addExtension() — Method in class Engine

Adds new extension.

Engine::addFunction() — Method in class Engine

Registers run-time function.

Engine::addProvider() — Method in class Engine

Adds new provider.

Blueprint::addProperties() — Method in class Blueprint
Blueprint::addFunctions() — Method in class Blueprint
$ EmbedNode#argsProperty in class EmbedNode
$ IncludeBlockNode#argsProperty in class IncludeBlockNode
$ IncludeFileNode#argsProperty in class IncludeFileNode
$ NAttrNode#argsProperty in class NAttrNode
NAttrNode::attrs() — Method in class NAttrNode
$ NClassNode#argsProperty in class NClassNode
$ VarNode#assignmentsProperty in class VarNode
$ VarPrintNode#allProperty in class VarPrintNode
FilterExecutor::add() — Method in class FilterExecutor

Registers run-time filter.

FunctionExecutor::add() — Method in class FunctionExecutor

Registers run-time function.

Template::addBlock() — Method in class Template

Creates block if doesn't exist and checks if content type is the same.

$ SandboxNode#argsProperty in class SandboxNode
RuntimeChecker::args() — Method in class RuntimeChecker
SecurityPolicy::allowTags() — Method in class SecurityPolicy
SecurityPolicy::allowFilters() — Method in class SecurityPolicy
SecurityPolicy::allowFunctions() — Method in class SecurityPolicy
SecurityPolicy::allowMethods() — Method in class SecurityPolicy
SecurityPolicy::allowProperties() — Method in class SecurityPolicy


BlueScreenPanelClass in namespace Latte\Bridges\Tracy

BlueScreen panels for Tracy 2.x

LattePanel::beforeRender() — Method in class LattePanel
TracyExtension::beforeRender() — Method in class TracyExtension

Initializes before template is rendered.

BlockClass in namespace Latte\Compiler
ExpressionBuilder::build() — Method in class ExpressionBuilder
BogusTagNodeClass in namespace Latte\Compiler\Nodes\Html

HTML bogus tag.

$ ElementNode#breakableProperty in class ElementNode
BinaryOpNodeClass in namespace Latte\Compiler\Nodes\Php\Expression
BooleanNodeClass in namespace Latte\Compiler\Nodes\Php\Scalar
$ PrintContext#blocksProperty in class PrintContext
PrintContext::beginEscape() — Method in class PrintContext
$ TemplateParser#blocksProperty in class TemplateParser
$ TemplateParser#blockLayerProperty in class TemplateParser
BlueprintClass in namespace Latte\Essential

Generates blueprint of template class.

CoreExtension::beforeCompile() — Method in class CoreExtension

Initializes before template is compiler.

Filters::bytes() — Method in class Filters

Converts to human-readable file size.

Filters::breaklines() — Method in class Filters
Filters::batch() — Method in class Filters

Chunks items by returning an array of arrays with the given number of items.

BlockNodeClass in namespace Latte\Essential\Nodes

{block [local] [name]}

$ BlockNode#blockProperty in class BlockNode
$ DefineNode#blockProperty in class DefineNode
$ EmbedNode#blocksProperty in class EmbedNode
$ ForeachNode#byRefProperty in class ForeachNode
$ IncludeBlockNode#blocksProperty in class IncludeBlockNode
Extension::beforeCompile() — Method in class Extension

Initializes before template is compiler.

Extension::beforeRender() — Method in class Extension

Initializes before template is rendered.

$ FileLoader#baseDirProperty in class FileLoader
BlockClass in namespace Latte\Runtime
$ Template#blocksProperty in class Template
SandboxExtension::beforeCompile() — Method in class SandboxExtension

Initializes before template is compiler.

SandboxExtension::beforeRender() — Method in class SandboxExtension

Initializes before template is rendered.


CompileExceptionClass in namespace Latte

The exception occurred during Latte compilation.

$ Block#contentProperty in class Block
Escaper::check() — Method in class Escaper
ExpressionBuilder::class() — Method in class ExpressionBuilder
NodeHelpers::clone() — Method in class NodeHelpers
$ FragmentNode#childrenProperty in class FragmentNode
CommentNodeClass in namespace Latte\Compiler\Nodes\Html
$ ElementNode#contentProperty in class ElementNode
$ ElementNode#captureTagNameProperty in class ElementNode
ClosureUseNodeClass in namespace Latte\Compiler\Nodes\Php
ComplexTypeNodeClass in namespace Latte\Compiler\Nodes\Php
CastNodeClass in namespace Latte\Compiler\Nodes\Php\Expression
ClassConstantFetchNodeClass in namespace Latte\Compiler\Nodes\Php\Expression
CloneNodeClass in namespace Latte\Compiler\Nodes\Php\Expression
ClosureNodeClass in namespace Latte\Compiler\Nodes\Php\Expression
ConstantFetchNodeClass in namespace Latte\Compiler\Nodes\Php\Expression
$ TemplateNode#contentTypeProperty in class TemplateNode
PhpHelpers::checkCode() — Method in class PhpHelpers
PrintContext::callExpr() — Method in class PrintContext

Wraps the LHS of a call in parentheses if needed.

Tag::closestTag() — Method in class Tag
TagParser::checkFunctionName() — Method in class TagParser
TagParser::convertArrayToList() — Method in class TagParser
TemplateParser::checkBlockIsUnique() — Method in class TemplateParser
TokenStream::consume() — Method in class TokenStream

Consumes the current token (if is of given kind) or throws exception on end.

ContentTypeClass in namespace Latte
Engine::createTemplate() — Method in class Engine

Creates template object.

Engine::compile() — Method in class Engine

Compiles template to PHP code.

Blueprint::clickableFile() — Method in class Blueprint
CachingIteratorClass in namespace Latte\Essential

Smarter caching iterator.

$ CachingIterator#counterProperty in class CachingIterator
$ CachingIterator#counter0Property in class CachingIterator
CachingIterator::count() — Method in class CachingIterator

Returns the count of elements.

CoreExtensionClass in namespace Latte\Essential

Basic tags and filters for Latte.

Filters::capitalize() — Method in class Filters

Capitalize string.

Filters::clamp() — Method in class Filters

Returns value clamped to the inclusive range of min and max.

Filters::ceil() — Method in class Filters
$ BlockNode#contentProperty in class BlockNode
BlockNode::create() — Method in class BlockNode
CaptureNodeClass in namespace Latte\Essential\Nodes

{capture $variable}

$ CaptureNode#contentProperty in class CaptureNode
CaptureNode::create() — Method in class CaptureNode
ContentTypeNodeClass in namespace Latte\Essential\Nodes

{contentType ...}

$ ContentTypeNode#contentTypeProperty in class ContentTypeNode
ContentTypeNode::create() — Method in class ContentTypeNode
$ DebugbreakNode#conditionProperty in class DebugbreakNode
DebugbreakNode::create() — Method in class DebugbreakNode
$ DefineNode#contentProperty in class DefineNode
DefineNode::create() — Method in class DefineNode
DoNode::create() — Method in class DoNode
DumpNode::create() — Method in class DumpNode
EmbedNode::create() — Method in class EmbedNode
ExtendsNode::create() — Method in class ExtendsNode
FirstLastSepNode::create() — Method in class FirstLastSepNode
$ ForNode#conditionProperty in class ForNode
$ ForNode#contentProperty in class ForNode
ForNode::create() — Method in class ForNode
$ ForeachNode#contentProperty in class ForeachNode
$ ForeachNode#checkArgsProperty in class ForeachNode
ForeachNode::create() — Method in class ForeachNode
$ IfChangedNode#conditionsProperty in class IfChangedNode
IfChangedNode::create() — Method in class IfChangedNode
$ IfContentNode#contentProperty in class IfContentNode
IfContentNode::create() — Method in class IfContentNode
$ IfNode#conditionProperty in class IfNode
$ IfNode#captureProperty in class IfNode
IfNode::create() — Method in class IfNode
ImportNode::create() — Method in class ImportNode
IncludeBlockNode::create() — Method in class IncludeBlockNode
IncludeFileNode::create() — Method in class IncludeFileNode
$ IterateWhileNode#conditionProperty in class IterateWhileNode
$ IterateWhileNode#contentProperty in class IterateWhileNode
IterateWhileNode::create() — Method in class IterateWhileNode
$ JumpNode#conditionProperty in class JumpNode
JumpNode::create() — Method in class JumpNode
NAttrNode::create() — Method in class NAttrNode
NClassNode::create() — Method in class NClassNode
$ NElseNode#contentProperty in class NElseNode
NElseNode::create() — Method in class NElseNode
NTagNode::create() — Method in class NTagNode
NTagNode::check() — Method in class NTagNode
ParametersNode::create() — Method in class ParametersNode
PrintNode::create() — Method in class PrintNode
$ RawPhpNode#codeProperty in class RawPhpNode
RawPhpNode::create() — Method in class RawPhpNode
RollbackNode::create() — Method in class RollbackNode
$ SpacelessNode#contentProperty in class SpacelessNode
SpacelessNode::create() — Method in class SpacelessNode
$ SwitchNode#casesProperty in class SwitchNode
SwitchNode::create() — Method in class SwitchNode
TemplatePrintNode::create() — Method in class TemplatePrintNode
TemplateTypeNode::create() — Method in class TemplateTypeNode
TraceNode::create() — Method in class TraceNode
$ TranslateNode#contentProperty in class TranslateNode
TranslateNode::create() — Method in class TranslateNode
TryNode::create() — Method in class TryNode
VarNode::create() — Method in class VarNode
VarPrintNode::create() — Method in class VarPrintNode
VarTypeNode::create() — Method in class VarTypeNode
$ WhileNode#conditionProperty in class WhileNode
$ WhileNode#contentProperty in class WhileNode
WhileNode::create() — Method in class WhileNode
Passes::customFunctionsPass() — Method in class Passes

Enable custom functions.

$ Block#contentTypeProperty in class Block
$ FilterInfo#contentTypeProperty in class FilterInfo
Filters::convertTo() — Method in class Filters

Converts ... to .

Filters::convertJSToHtmlRawText() — Method in class Filters

Converts JS and CSS for usage in