Default Error Presenter.

Micro presenter.

The exception that is thrown when user attempts to terminate the current presenter or application.

Front Controller.

Application fatal error.

Use Requires(sameOrigin: false)

The exception that indicates client error with HTTP code 4xx.

Forbidden request exception - access denied.

Application helpers.

Presenter converts Request to Response.

Responsible for creating a new instance of given presenter.

IResponse deprecated
IRouter deprecated

The exception that is thrown when a presenter cannot be loaded.

Link generator.

Default presenter loader.

Presenter request.

Any response returned by presenter.

Callback response.

File download response.

Forwards to new request.

JSON response used mainly for AJAX requests.

Redirects to new URI.

String output response.

No response.

The unidirectional router for CLI. (experimental)

The bidirectional route is responsible for mapping HTTP request to an array for dispatch and vice-versa.

The router broker.

The bidirectional route for trivial routing via query parameters.

Manages access control to presenter elements based on attributes and built-in rules.

Signal exception.

Component is the base class for all Presenter components.

Helpers for Presenter & Component.

Control is renderable Presenter component.

Web form adapted for Presenter.

IRenderable deprecated
ISignalReceiver deprecated
IStatePersistent deprecated
ITemplate deprecated
ITemplateFactory deprecated

Link generation exception.

Lazy encapsulation of Component::link().

Component multiplier.

Converts parameters between HTTP requests, presenters, and URLs.

Presenter component represents a webpage instance. It converts Request to Response.

PresenterComponent deprecated

Component with ability to repaint.

Component with ability to receive signal.

Component with ability to save and load its state.

Defines template.

Defines Template factory.

Application extension for Nette DI.

Latte extension for Nette DI.

PresenterFactory callback.

Routing extension for Nette DI.

Default template for controls and presenters.

ILatteFactory deprecated

{control name[:method] [params]}

IfCurrentNode deprecated

{ifCurrent destination [,] [params]}

{link destination [,] [params]} {plink destination [,] [params]} n:href="destination [,] [params]"


{snippetArea [name]}

{snippet [name]}

{templatePrint [ClassName]}

Latte v2 snippet bridge

Latte v3 snippet driver

Latte powered template.

Latte powered template factory.

Latte v3 extension for Nette\Application\UI.

Latte v2 tags for Nette\Application\UI.

Latte v2 helpers for UI macros.

Routing debugger for Debug Bar.