ArrayItemNodeClass in namespace Nette\Neon\Node
ArrayNodeClass in namespace Nette\Neon\Node


$ Encoder#blockModeProperty in class Encoder
BlockArrayNodeClass in namespace Nette\Neon\Node


TokenStream::consume() — Method in class TokenStream


DecoderClass in namespace Nette\Neon

Parser for Nette Object Notation.

Decoder::decode() — Method in class Decoder

Decodes a NEON string.

Neon::decode() — Method in class Neon

Converts given NEON to PHP value.

Neon::decodeFile() — Method in class Neon

Converts given NEON file to PHP value.


EncoderClass in namespace Nette\Neon

Converts value to NEON format.

Encoder::encode() — Method in class Encoder

Returns the NEON representation of a value.

EntityClass in namespace Nette\Neon

Representation of NEON entity 'foo(bar=1)'

ExceptionClass in namespace Nette\Neon

The exception that indicates error of NEON processing.

Neon::encode() — Method in class Neon

Returns value converted to NEON.

$ Node#endTokenPosProperty in class Node
$ Node#endLineProperty in class Node
EntityChainNodeClass in namespace Nette\Neon\Node
EntityNodeClass in namespace Nette\Neon\Node
TokenStream::error() — Method in class TokenStream


Node::getIterator() — Method in class Node
ArrayItemNode::getIterator() — Method in class ArrayItemNode
ArrayNode::getIterator() — Method in class ArrayNode
EntityChainNode::getIterator() — Method in class EntityChainNode
EntityNode::getIterator() — Method in class EntityNode
TokenStream::getPos() — Method in class TokenStream
TokenStream::getTokens() — Method in class TokenStream
TokenStream::getIndentation() — Method in class TokenStream


$ Encoder#indentationProperty in class Encoder
ArrayItemNode::itemsToArray() — Method in class ArrayItemNode
ArrayItemNode::itemsToInlineString() — Method in class ArrayItemNode
ArrayItemNode::itemsToBlockString() — Method in class ArrayItemNode
$ ArrayNode#itemsProperty in class ArrayNode
InlineArrayNodeClass in namespace Nette\Neon\Node
TokenStream::isNext() — Method in class TokenStream


$ ArrayItemNode#keyProperty in class ArrayItemNode


LexerClass in namespace Nette\Neon
LiteralNodeClass in namespace Nette\Neon\Node


NeonClass in namespace Nette\Neon

Simple parser & generator for Nette Object Notation.

NodeClass in namespace Nette\Neon


Decoder::parseToNode() — Method in class Decoder
LiteralNode::parse() — Method in class LiteralNode
StringNode::parse() — Method in class StringNode
ParserClass in namespace Nette\Neon
Parser::parse() — Method in class Parser


Lexer::requiresDelimiters() — Method in class Lexer


$ Node#startTokenPosProperty in class Node
$ Node#startLineProperty in class Node
StringNodeClass in namespace Nette\Neon\Node


Lexer::tokenize() — Method in class Lexer
Node::toValue() — Method in class Node
Node::toString() — Method in class Node
ArrayItemNode::toValue() — Method in class ArrayItemNode
ArrayItemNode::toString() — Method in class ArrayItemNode
ArrayNode::toValue() — Method in class ArrayNode
BlockArrayNode::toString() — Method in class BlockArrayNode
EntityChainNode::toValue() — Method in class EntityChainNode
EntityChainNode::toString() — Method in class EntityChainNode
EntityNode::toValue() — Method in class EntityNode
EntityNode::toString() — Method in class EntityNode
InlineArrayNode::toString() — Method in class InlineArrayNode
LiteralNode::toValue() — Method in class LiteralNode
LiteralNode::toString() — Method in class LiteralNode
StringNode::toValue() — Method in class StringNode
StringNode::toString() — Method in class StringNode
TokenClass in namespace Nette\Neon
TokenStreamClass in namespace Nette\Neon
TraverserClass in namespace Nette\Neon
Traverser::traverse() — Method in class Traverser


Encoder::valueToNode() — Method in class Encoder
$ ArrayItemNode#valueProperty in class ArrayItemNode


Entity::__construct() — Method in class Entity
Entity::__set_state() — Method in class Entity
BlockArrayNode::__construct() — Method in class BlockArrayNode
EntityChainNode::__construct() — Method in class EntityChainNode
EntityNode::__construct() — Method in class EntityNode
InlineArrayNode::__construct() — Method in class InlineArrayNode
LiteralNode::__construct() — Method in class LiteralNode
StringNode::__construct() — Method in class StringNode
Token::__construct() — Method in class Token
TokenStream::__construct() — Method in class TokenStream