AssertClass in namespace Tester

Assertion test helpers.

AssertExceptionClass in namespace Tester

Assertion exception.

$ AssertException#actualProperty in class AssertException
AbstractGeneratorClass in namespace Tester\CodeCoverage\Generators

Code coverage report generator.

$ AbstractGenerator#acceptFilesProperty in class AbstractGenerator
Expect::and() — Method in class Expect
Expect::andSame() — Method in class Expect
Expect::andNotSame() — Method in class Expect
Expect::andEqual() — Method in class Expect
Expect::andNotEqual() — Method in class Expect
Expect::andContains() — Method in class Expect
Expect::andNotContains() — Method in class Expect
Expect::andTrue() — Method in class Expect
Expect::andFalse() — Method in class Expect
Expect::andNull() — Method in class Expect
Expect::andNan() — Method in class Expect
Expect::andTruthy() — Method in class Expect
Expect::andFalsey() — Method in class Expect
Expect::andCount() — Method in class Expect
Expect::andType() — Method in class Expect
Expect::andMatch() — Method in class Expect
Expect::andMatchFile() — Method in class Expect
FileMutator::addMutator() — Method in class FileMutator
Runner::addPhpIniOption() — Method in class Runner
Runner::addJob() — Method in class Runner

Appends new job to queue.

TestHandler::assess() — Method in class TestHandler


Environment::bypassFinals() — Method in class Environment

Removes keyword final from source codes.

OutputHandler::begin() — Method in class OutputHandler
ConsolePrinter::begin() — Method in class ConsolePrinter
JUnitPrinter::begin() — Method in class JUnitPrinter
Logger::begin() — Method in class Logger
TapPrinter::begin() — Method in class TapPrinter


$ Assert#counterProperty in class Assert
Assert::contains() — Method in class Assert

Asserts that a haystack (string or array) contains an expected needle.

Assert::count() — Method in class Assert

Asserts the number of items in an array or Countable.

CollectorClass in namespace Tester\CodeCoverage

Code coverage collector.

$ AbstractGenerator#coveredSumProperty in class AbstractGenerator
CloverXMLGeneratorClass in namespace Tester\CodeCoverage\Generators
DomQuery::css2xpath() — Method in class DomQuery

Converts a CSS selector into an XPath expression.

Dumper::color() — Method in class Dumper

Applies color to string.

$ Environment#checkAssertionsProperty in class Environment
Expect::contains() — Method in class Expect
Expect::count() — Method in class Expect
$ FileMock#contextProperty in class FileMock
FileMock::create() — Method in class FileMock
$ FileMutator#contextProperty in class FileMutator
CliTesterClass in namespace Tester\Runner

CLI Tester.

CommandLineClass in namespace Tester\Runner

Stupid command line arguments parser.

CommandLine::checkArg() — Method in class CommandLine
ConsolePrinterClass in namespace Tester\Runner\Output

Console printer.


Collector::detectEngines() — Method in class Collector
$ AbstractGenerator#dataProperty in class AbstractGenerator
DataProviderClass in namespace Tester

Utility class for providing data from various sources for tests.

DomQueryClass in namespace Tester

DomQuery simplifies querying (X)HTML documents.

DumperClass in namespace Tester

Dumps PHP variables.

$ Dumper#dumpDirProperty in class Dumper
Dumper::dumpException() — Method in class Dumper
Expect::dump() — Method in class Expect
FileMutator::dir_closedir() — Method in class FileMutator
FileMutator::dir_opendir() — Method in class FileMutator
FileMutator::dir_readdir() — Method in class FileMutator
FileMutator::dir_rewinddir() — Method in class FileMutator


$ Assert#expandPatternsProperty in class Assert

expand patterns in match() and matchFile()

Assert::equal() — Method in class Assert

Asserts that two values are equal and checks expectations. The identity of objects, the order of keys in the arrays and marginally different floats are ignored by default.

Assert::exception() — Method in class Assert

Asserts that a function throws exception of given type and its message matches given pattern.

Assert::error() — Method in class Assert

Asserts that a function generates one or more PHP errors or throws exceptions.

Assert::expandMatchingPatterns() — Method in class Assert
$ AssertException#expectedProperty in class AssertException
EnvironmentClass in namespace Tester

Testing environment.

Environment::exit() — Method in class Environment
ExpectClass in namespace Tester

Expectations for more complex assertions formulation.

Expect::equal() — Method in class Expect
Helpers::errorTypeToString() — Method in class Helpers
Helpers::escapeArg() — Method in class Helpers

Escape a string to be used as a shell argument.

OutputHandler::end() — Method in class OutputHandler
ConsolePrinter::end() — Method in class ConsolePrinter
JUnitPrinter::end() — Method in class JUnitPrinter
Logger::end() — Method in class Logger
TapPrinter::end() — Method in class TapPrinter


Assert::false() — Method in class Assert

Asserts that a value is false.

Assert::falsey() — Method in class Assert

Asserts that a value is falsey.

Assert::fail() — Method in class Assert

Assertion that fails.

Collector::flush() — Method in class Collector

Flushes all gathered information. Effective only with PHPDBG collector.

DomQuery::fromHtml() — Method in class DomQuery

Creates a DomQuery object from an HTML string.

DomQuery::fromXml() — Method in class DomQuery

Creates a DomQuery object from an XML string.

DomQuery::find() — Method in class DomQuery

Finds descendants of current element that match the given CSS selector.

Expect::false() — Method in class Expect
Expect::falsey() — Method in class Expect
FileMockClass in namespace Tester

Mock files.

$ FileMock#filesProperty in class FileMock
FileMutatorClass in namespace Tester

PHP file mutator.

Helpers::findCommonDirectory() — Method in class Helpers

Find common directory for given paths. All files or directories must exist.

OutputHandler::finish() — Method in class OutputHandler
ConsolePrinter::finish() — Method in class ConsolePrinter
JUnitPrinter::finish() — Method in class JUnitPrinter
Logger::finish() — Method in class Logger
TapPrinter::finish() — Method in class TapPrinter
Runner::finishTest() — Method in class Runner

Writes to output handlers.


AbstractGenerator::getCoveredPercent() — Method in class AbstractGenerator
AbstractGenerator::getSourceIterator() — Method in class AbstractGenerator
AbstractGenerator::getCommonFilesPath() — Method in class AbstractGenerator
Environment::getTestAnnotations() — Method in class Environment

Returns current test annotations.

Job::getEnvironmentVariable() — Method in class Job
Job::getTest() — Method in class Job
Job::getExitCode() — Method in class Job

Returns exit code.

Job::getHeaders() — Method in class Job

Returns output headers.

Job::getDuration() — Method in class Job

Returns process duration in seconds.

PhpInterpreter::getCommandLine() — Method in class PhpInterpreter
PhpInterpreter::getVersion() — Method in class PhpInterpreter
PhpInterpreter::getCodeCoverageEngines() — Method in class PhpInterpreter
PhpInterpreter::getStartupError() — Method in class PhpInterpreter
PhpInterpreter::getShortInfo() — Method in class PhpInterpreter
Runner::getEnvironmentVariables() — Method in class Runner
Runner::getInterpreter() — Method in class Runner
Test::getFile() — Method in class Test
Test::getArguments() — Method in class Test
Test::getSignature() — Method in class Test
Test::getResult() — Method in class Test
Test::getDuration() — Method in class Test

Duration in seconds.

Test::getOutput() — Method in class Test

Full output (stdout + stderr)

TestCase::getData() — Method in class TestCase


Assert::hasKey() — Method in class Assert

Asserts that a haystack has an expected key.

Assert::hasNotKey() — Method in class Assert

Asserts that a haystack doesn't have an expected key.

HtmlGeneratorClass in namespace Tester\CodeCoverage\Generators

Code coverage report generator.

DomQuery::has() — Method in class DomQuery

Checks if any descendant of current element matches the given selector.

Environment::handleException() — Method in class Environment
HelpersClass in namespace Tester

Test helpers.

CommandLine::help() — Method in class CommandLine
PhpInterpreter::hasExtension() — Method in class PhpInterpreter
Test::hasResult() — Method in class Test


Assert::isMatching() — Method in class Assert

Compares using mask.

Collector::isStarted() — Method in class Collector
CommandLine::isEmpty() — Method in class CommandLine
InterruptExceptionClass in namespace Tester\Runner
Job::isRunning() — Method in class Job

Checks if the test is still running.

PhpInterpreter::isCgi() — Method in class PhpInterpreter
$ Runner#ignoreDirsProperty in class Runner
TestHandler::initiate() — Method in class TestHandler


JobClass in namespace Tester\Runner

Single test job.

JUnitPrinterClass in namespace Tester\Runner\Output

JUnit xml format printer.


DataProvider::load() — Method in class DataProvider

Loads data from a specified file and filters them based on a query string. Supports both PHP files and INI files.

Environment::lock() — Method in class Environment

Locks the parallel tests.

Environment::loadData() — Method in class Environment

Loads data according to the file annotation or specified by Tester\Runner\TestHandler::initiateDataProvider()

LoggerClass in namespace Tester\Runner\Output

Verbose logger.


Assert::match() — Method in class Assert

Asserts that a string matches a given pattern.

Assert::matchFile() — Method in class Assert

Asserts that a string matches a given pattern stored in file.

DomQuery::matches() — Method in class DomQuery

Determines if the current element matches the specified CSS selector.

$ Dumper#maxLengthProperty in class Dumper
$ Dumper#maxDepthProperty in class Dumper
$ Dumper#maxPathSegmentsProperty in class Dumper
Expect::match() — Method in class Expect
Expect::matchFile() — Method in class Expect
FileMutator::mkdir() — Method in class FileMutator
$ Test#messageProperty in class Test


Assert::notSame() — Method in class Assert

Asserts that two values are not equal or do not have the same type and identity of objects.

Assert::notEqual() — Method in class Assert

Asserts that two values are not equal and checks expectations. The identity of objects, the order of keys in the arrays and marginally different floats are ignored.

Assert::notContains() — Method in class Assert

Asserts that a haystack (string or array) does not contain an expected needle.

Assert::null() — Method in class Assert

Asserts that a value is null.

Assert::notNull() — Method in class Assert

Asserts that a value is not null.

Assert::nan() — Method in class Assert

Asserts that a value is Not a Number.

Assert::noError() — Method in class Assert

Asserts that a function does not generate PHP errors and does not throw exceptions.

Expect::notSame() — Method in class Expect
Expect::notEqual() — Method in class Expect
Expect::notContains() — Method in class Expect
Expect::null() — Method in class Expect
Expect::nan() — Method in class Expect


$ Assert#onFailureProperty in class Assert
$ AssertException#origMessageProperty in class AssertException
$ AssertException#outputNameProperty in class AssertException
OutputHandlerClass in namespace Tester\Runner

Runner output.

$ Runner#outputHandlersProperty in class Runner


$ Assert#patternsProperty in class Assert

used by match(); in values, each $ followed by number is backreference

PhpParserClass in namespace Tester\CodeCoverage

Parses PHP source code and returns:

  • the start/end line information about functions, classes, interfaces, traits and their methods
  • the count of code lines
  • the count of commented code lines
PhpParser::parse() — Method in class PhpParser

Returned structure is: stdClass { linesOfCode: int, linesOfComments: int, functions: [functionName => $functionInfo], classes: [className => $info], traits: [traitName => $info], interfaces: [interfaceName => $info], }

DataProvider::parseAnnotation() — Method in class DataProvider

Parses a data provider annotation from a test method to extract the file path and query.

$ Dumper#pathSeparatorProperty in class Dumper
Environment::print() — Method in class Environment
Helpers::purge() — Method in class Helpers

Purges directory.

Helpers::parseDocComment() — Method in class Helpers

Parse phpDoc comment.

Helpers::prepareTempDir() — Method in class Helpers
CommandLine::parse() — Method in class CommandLine
OutputHandler::prepare() — Method in class OutputHandler
ConsolePrinter::prepare() — Method in class ConsolePrinter
JUnitPrinter::prepare() — Method in class JUnitPrinter
Logger::prepare() — Method in class Logger
TapPrinter::prepare() — Method in class TapPrinter
PhpInterpreterClass in namespace Tester\Runner

PHP command-line executable.

$ Runner#pathsProperty in class Runner
Runner::prepareTest() — Method in class Runner


AbstractGenerator::render() — Method in class AbstractGenerator
AbstractGenerator::renderSelf() — Method in class AbstractGenerator
CloverXMLGenerator::renderSelf() — Method in class CloverXMLGenerator
HtmlGenerator::renderSelf() — Method in class HtmlGenerator
Dumper::removeColors() — Method in class Dumper
FileMock::register() — Method in class FileMock
FileMutator::rename() — Method in class FileMutator
FileMutator::rmdir() — Method in class FileMutator
CliTester::run() — Method in class CliTester
Job::run() — Method in class Job

Runs single test.

RunnerClass in namespace Tester\Runner

Test runner.

Runner::run() — Method in class Runner

Runs all tests.

TestCase::run() — Method in class TestCase

Runs all test methods in this test case or a specific test method if provided.

TestCase::runTest() — Method in class TestCase

Executes a specified test method within this test case, handling data providers and errors.


Assert::same() — Method in class Assert

Asserts that two values are equal and have the same type and identity of objects.

AssertException::setMessage() — Method in class AssertException
Collector::start() — Method in class Collector

Starts gathering the information for code coverage.

Collector::save() — Method in class Collector

Saves information about code coverage. Can be called repeatedly to free memory.

$ AbstractGenerator#sourcesProperty in class AbstractGenerator
Dumper::saveOutput() — Method in class Dumper

Dumps data to folder 'output'.

Environment::setup() — Method in class Environment

Configures testing environment.

Environment::setupColors() — Method in class Environment

Configures colored output.

Environment::setupErrors() — Method in class Environment

Configures PHP error handling.

Environment::setupFunctions() — Method in class Environment

Creates global functions test(), testException(), setUp() and tearDown().

Environment::skip() — Method in class Environment

Skips this test.

Expect::same() — Method in class Expect
FileMock::stream_open() — Method in class FileMock
FileMock::stream_read() — Method in class FileMock
FileMock::stream_write() — Method in class FileMock
FileMock::stream_tell() — Method in class FileMock
FileMock::stream_eof() — Method in class FileMock
FileMock::stream_seek() — Method in class FileMock
FileMock::stream_truncate() — Method in class FileMock
FileMock::stream_set_option() — Method in class FileMock
FileMock::stream_stat() — Method in class FileMock
FileMock::stream_lock() — Method in class FileMock
FileMock::stream_metadata() — Method in class FileMock
FileMutator::stream_cast() — Method in class FileMutator
FileMutator::stream_close() — Method in class FileMutator
FileMutator::stream_eof() — Method in class FileMutator
FileMutator::stream_flush() — Method in class FileMutator
FileMutator::stream_lock() — Method in class FileMutator
FileMutator::stream_metadata() — Method in class FileMutator
FileMutator::stream_open() — Method in class FileMutator
FileMutator::stream_read() — Method in class FileMutator
FileMutator::stream_seek() — Method in class FileMutator
FileMutator::stream_set_option() — Method in class FileMutator
FileMutator::stream_stat() — Method in class FileMutator
FileMutator::stream_tell() — Method in class FileMutator
FileMutator::stream_truncate() — Method in class FileMutator
FileMutator::stream_write() — Method in class FileMutator
Job::setTempDirectory() — Method in class Job
Job::setEnvironmentVariable() — Method in class Job
$ Runner#stopOnFailProperty in class Runner
Runner::setEnvironmentVariable() — Method in class Runner
Runner::setTempDirectory() — Method in class Runner
$ Test#stdoutProperty in class Test
$ Test#stderrProperty in class Test
TestHandler::setTempDirectory() — Method in class TestHandler
TestCase::setUp() — Method in class TestCase

Setup logic to be executed before each test method. Override in subclasses for specific behaviors.

TestCase::skip() — Method in class TestCase

Skips the current test, optionally providing a reason for skipping.


Assert::true() — Method in class Assert

Asserts that a value is true.

Assert::truthy() — Method in class Assert

Asserts that a value is truthy.

Assert::type() — Method in class Assert

Asserts that a value is of given class, interface or built-in type.

Assert::throws() — Method in class Assert

Asserts that a function throws exception of given type and its message matches given pattern. Alias for exception().

$ AbstractGenerator#totalSumProperty in class AbstractGenerator
DataProvider::testQuery() — Method in class DataProvider

Evaluates a query against a set of data keys to determine if the key matches the criteria.

Dumper::toLine() — Method in class Dumper

Dumps information about a variable in readable format.

Dumper::toPhp() — Method in class Dumper

Dumps variable in PHP format.

Expect::that() — Method in class Expect
Expect::true() — Method in class Expect
Expect::truthy() — Method in class Expect
Expect::type() — Method in class Expect
TapPrinterClass in namespace Tester\Runner\Output

Test Anything Protocol, http://testanything.org

$ Runner#threadCountProperty in class Runner
$ Runner#testHandlerProperty in class Runner
TestClass in namespace Tester\Runner

Test represents one result.

$ Test#titleProperty in class Test
TestHandlerClass in namespace Tester\Runner

Default test behavior.

TestCaseClass in namespace Tester

Single test case.

TestCase::tearDown() — Method in class TestCase

Teardown logic to be executed after each test method. Override in subclasses to release resources.

TestCaseExceptionClass in namespace Tester

Errors specific to TestCase operations.

TestCaseSkippedExceptionClass in namespace Tester

Exception thrown when a test case or a test method is skipped.


$ Environment#useColorsProperty in class Environment
FileMock::url_stat() — Method in class FileMock
FileMock::unlink() — Method in class FileMock
FileMutator::unlink() — Method in class FileMutator
FileMutator::url_stat() — Method in class FileMutator


Assert::with() — Method in class Assert

Executes function that can access private and protected members of given object via $this.

PhpInterpreter::withPhpIniOption() — Method in class PhpInterpreter
Test::withArguments() — Method in class Test
Test::withResult() — Method in class Test


AssertException::__construct() — Method in class AssertException
AbstractGenerator::__construct() — Method in class AbstractGenerator
CloverXMLGenerator::__construct() — Method in class CloverXMLGenerator
HtmlGenerator::__construct() — Method in class HtmlGenerator
Expect::__callStatic() — Method in class Expect
Expect::__call() — Method in class Expect
Expect::__invoke() — Method in class Expect

Checks the expectations.

CommandLine::__construct() — Method in class CommandLine
Job::__construct() — Method in class Job
ConsolePrinter::__construct() — Method in class ConsolePrinter
JUnitPrinter::__construct() — Method in class JUnitPrinter
Logger::__construct() — Method in class Logger
TapPrinter::__construct() — Method in class TapPrinter
PhpInterpreter::__construct() — Method in class PhpInterpreter
Runner::__construct() — Method in class Runner
Test::__construct() — Method in class Test
TestHandler::__construct() — Method in class TestHandler