Bar::addPanel() — Method in class Bar

Add custom panel.

BlueScreen::addPanel() — Method in class BlueScreen

Add custom panel as function (?\Throwable $e): ?array

BlueScreen::addAction() — Method in class BlueScreen

Add action.

BlueScreen::addFileGenerator() — Method in class BlueScreen

Add new file generator.

BlueScreen::addFiber() — Method in class BlueScreen
TracyExtension::afterCompile() — Method in class TracyExtension
Debugger::addSourceMapper() — Method in class Debugger
DeferredContent::addSetup() — Method in class DeferredContent
Describer::addPropertyTo() — Method in class Describer


BarClass in namespace Tracy

Debug Bar.

BlueScreenClass in namespace Tracy

Red BlueScreen.

BridgeClass in namespace Tracy\Bridges\Nette

Bridge for NEON & Latte.

$ Debugger#browserProperty in class Debugger
Debugger::barDump() — Method in class Debugger

Dumps information about a variable in Tracy Debug Bar.


$ BlueScreen#collapsePathsProperty in class BlueScreen
$ Debugger#customCssFilesProperty in class Debugger
$ Debugger#customJsFilesProperty in class Debugger
DeferredContent::clean() — Method in class DeferredContent
$ Renderer#collapseTopProperty in class Renderer
$ Renderer#collapseSubProperty in class Renderer
$ Renderer#classLocationProperty in class Renderer
$ Renderer#collectingModeProperty in class Renderer
$ Value#collapsedProperty in class Value
$ FileSession#cookieNameProperty in class FileSession
FileSession::clean() — Method in class FileSession
Helpers::createId() — Method in class Helpers
Helpers::capture() — Method in class Helpers

Captures PHP output into a string.


DebuggerClass in namespace Tracy

Debugger: displays and logs errors.

$ Debugger#dumpThemeProperty in class Debugger
Debugger::dispatch() — Method in class Debugger
Debugger::dump() — Method in class Debugger

Dumps information about a variable in readable format.

Debugger::detectDebugMode() — Method in class Debugger

Detects debug mode by IP address.

DefaultBarPanelClass in namespace Tracy

IBarPanel implementation helper.

$ DefaultBarPanel#dataProperty in class DefaultBarPanel
DeferredContentClass in namespace Tracy
DevelopmentStrategyClass in namespace Tracy
DumperClass in namespace Tracy

Dumps a variable.

Dumper::dump() — Method in class Dumper

Dumps variable to the output.

DescriberClass in namespace Tracy\Dumper

Converts PHP values to internal representation.

$ Describer#debugInfoProperty in class Describer
Describer::describe() — Method in class Describer
Describer::describeKey() — Method in class Describer
$ Value#depthProperty in class Value
Helpers::detectColors() — Method in class Helpers
$ Logger#directoryProperty in class Logger
Logger::defaultMailer() — Method in class Logger

Default mailer.


$ Debugger#emailProperty in class Debugger
$ Debugger#editorProperty in class Debugger
$ Debugger#editorMappingProperty in class Debugger
$ Debugger#errorTemplateProperty in class Debugger
Debugger::enable() — Method in class Debugger

Enables displaying or logging errors and exceptions.

Debugger::exceptionHandler() — Method in class Debugger

Handler to catch uncaught exception.

Debugger::errorHandler() — Method in class Debugger

Handler to catch warnings and notices.

ExposerClass in namespace Tracy\Dumper

Exposes internal PHP objects.

Exposer::exposeObject() — Method in class Exposer
Exposer::exposeClosure() — Method in class Exposer
Exposer::exposeEnum() — Method in class Exposer
Exposer::exposeArrayObject() — Method in class Exposer
Exposer::exposeDOMNode() — Method in class Exposer
Exposer::exposeDOMNodeList() — Method in class Exposer
Exposer::exposeGenerator() — Method in class Exposer
Exposer::exposeFiber() — Method in class Exposer
Exposer::exposeSplFileInfo() — Method in class Exposer
Exposer::exposeSplObjectStorage() — Method in class Exposer
Exposer::exposePhpIncompleteClass() — Method in class Exposer
Exposer::exposeDsCollection() — Method in class Exposer
Exposer::exposeDsMap() — Method in class Exposer
$ Value#editorProperty in class Value
Helpers::editorLink() — Method in class Helpers

Returns HTML link to editor.

Helpers::editorUri() — Method in class Helpers

Returns link to editor.

Helpers::escapeHtml() — Method in class Helpers
Helpers::errorTypeToString() — Method in class Helpers
Helpers::encodeString() — Method in class Helpers
$ Logger#emailProperty in class Logger
$ Logger#emailSnoozeProperty in class Logger
OutputDebugger::enable() — Method in class OutputDebugger


BlueScreen::formatMessage() — Method in class BlueScreen
Debugger::fireLog() — Method in class Debugger

Sends message to FireLogger console.

Dumper::formatSnapshotAttribute() — Method in class Dumper
FileSessionClass in namespace Tracy
FireLoggerClass in namespace Tracy

FireLogger console logger.

Helpers::formatHtml() — Method in class Helpers
Helpers::findTrace() — Method in class Helpers
Helpers::fixStack() — Method in class Helpers
$ Logger#fromEmailProperty in class Logger
Logger::formatMessage() — Method in class Logger
Logger::formatLogLine() — Method in class Logger


Bar::getPanel() — Method in class Bar

Returns panel with given id

BlueScreen::getDumper() — Method in class BlueScreen
BlueScreen::generateNewPhpFileContents() — Method in class BlueScreen
TracyExtension::getConfigSchema() — Method in class TracyExtension
Debugger::getBlueScreen() — Method in class Debugger
Debugger::getBar() — Method in class Debugger
Debugger::getLogger() — Method in class Debugger
Debugger::getFireLogger() — Method in class Debugger
Debugger::getStrategy() — Method in class Debugger
Debugger::getSessionStorage() — Method in class Debugger
DefaultBarPanel::getTab() — Method in class DefaultBarPanel

Renders HTML code for custom tab.

DefaultBarPanel::getPanel() — Method in class DefaultBarPanel

Renders HTML code for custom panel.

DeferredContent::getRequestId() — Method in class DeferredContent
DeferredContent::getItems() — Method in class DeferredContent
Describer::getReferenceId() — Method in class Describer
$ FileSession#gcProbabilityProperty in class FileSession
FileSession::getData() — Method in class FileSession
Helpers::getClass() — Method in class Helpers
Helpers::getSource() — Method in class Helpers
Helpers::guessClassFile() — Method in class Helpers
Helpers::getSuggestion() — Method in class Helpers

Finds the best suggestion.

Helpers::getNonce() — Method in class Helpers
Helpers::getExceptionChain() — Method in class Helpers
IBarPanel::getTab() — Method in class IBarPanel

Renders HTML code for custom tab.

IBarPanel::getPanel() — Method in class IBarPanel

Renders HTML code for custom panel.

Logger::getExceptionFile() — Method in class Logger
NativeSession::getData() — Method in class NativeSession
SessionStorage::getData() — Method in class SessionStorage


BlueScreen::highlightFile() — Method in class BlueScreen

Returns syntax highlighted source code.

BlueScreen::highlightPhp() — Method in class BlueScreen

Returns syntax highlighted source code.

BlueScreen::highlightLine() — Method in class BlueScreen

Returns highlighted line in HTML code.

BlueScreen::highlightPhpCli() — Method in class BlueScreen

Returns syntax highlighted source code to Terminal.

DevelopmentStrategy::handleException() — Method in class DevelopmentStrategy
DevelopmentStrategy::handleError() — Method in class DevelopmentStrategy
$ Renderer#hashProperty in class Renderer
$ Value#holderProperty in class Value
HelpersClass in namespace Tracy

Rendering helpers for Debugger.

OutputDebugger::handler() — Method in class OutputDebugger
ProductionStrategy::handleException() — Method in class ProductionStrategy
ProductionStrategy::handleError() — Method in class ProductionStrategy


$ BlueScreen#infoProperty in class BlueScreen
BlueScreen::isCollapsed() — Method in class BlueScreen

Should a file be collapsed in stack trace?

Bridge::initialize() — Method in class Bridge
Debugger::isEnabled() — Method in class Debugger
DeferredContent::isAvailable() — Method in class DeferredContent
DevelopmentStrategy::initialize() — Method in class DevelopmentStrategy
$ Value#idProperty in class Value
$ Value#itemsProperty in class Value
FileSession::isAvailable() — Method in class FileSession
Helpers::improveException() — Method in class Helpers
Helpers::improveError() — Method in class Helpers
Helpers::isHtmlMode() — Method in class Helpers
Helpers::isAjax() — Method in class Helpers
Helpers::isRedirect() — Method in class Helpers
Helpers::isCli() — Method in class Helpers
Helpers::isUtf8() — Method in class Helpers
IBarPanelClass in namespace Tracy

Custom output for Debugger.

ILoggerClass in namespace Tracy
NativeSession::isAvailable() — Method in class NativeSession
ProductionStrategy::initialize() — Method in class ProductionStrategy
SessionStorage::isAvailable() — Method in class SessionStorage


Renderer::jsonEncode() — Method in class Renderer
Value::jsonSerialize() — Method in class Value


$ BlueScreen#keysToHideProperty in class BlueScreen
$ Debugger#keysToHideProperty in class Debugger
$ Describer#keysToHideProperty in class Describer


TracyExtension::loadConfiguration() — Method in class TracyExtension
PsrToTracyLoggerAdapter::log() — Method in class PsrToTracyLoggerAdapter
TracyToPsrLoggerAdapter::log() — Method in class TracyToPsrLoggerAdapter
$ Debugger#logDirectoryProperty in class Debugger
$ Debugger#logSeverityProperty in class Debugger
Debugger::log() — Method in class Debugger

Logs message or exception.

$ Dumper#liveSnapshotProperty in class Dumper
$ Describer#locationProperty in class Describer
$ Renderer#lazyProperty in class Renderer
$ Value#lengthProperty in class Value
FireLogger::log() — Method in class FireLogger

Sends message to FireLogger console.

ILogger::log() — Method in class ILogger
LoggerClass in namespace Tracy
Logger::log() — Method in class Logger

Logs message or exception to file and sends email notification.

Logger::logException() — Method in class Logger

Logs exception to the file if file doesn't exist.


$ BlueScreen#maxDepthProperty in class BlueScreen
$ BlueScreen#maxLengthProperty in class BlueScreen
$ BlueScreen#maxItemsProperty in class BlueScreen
Bridge::mapLatteSourceCode() — Method in class Bridge
MailSenderClass in namespace Tracy\Bridges\Nette

Tracy logger bridge for Nette Mail.

$ Debugger#maxDepthProperty in class Debugger
$ Debugger#maxLengthProperty in class Debugger
$ Debugger#maxItemsProperty in class Debugger
$ Debugger#maxLenProperty in class Debugger
Debugger::mapSource() — Method in class Debugger
$ Describer#maxDepthProperty in class Describer
$ Describer#maxLengthProperty in class Describer
$ Describer#maxItemsProperty in class Describer
$ FireLogger#maxDepthProperty in class FireLogger
$ FireLogger#maxLengthProperty in class FireLogger
Helpers::minifyJs() — Method in class Helpers
Helpers::minifyCss() — Method in class Helpers
$ Logger#mailerProperty in class Logger


NativeSessionClass in namespace Tracy


$ Debugger#obStatusProperty in class Debugger
$ Debugger#onFatalErrorProperty in class Debugger
$ Dumper#objectExportersProperty in class Dumper
$ Describer#objectExposersProperty in class Describer
OutputDebuggerClass in namespace Tracy

Debugger for outputs.


PsrToTracyLoggerAdapterClass in namespace Tracy\Bridges\Psr

Psr\Log\LoggerInterface to Tracy\ILogger adapter.

$ Debugger#productionModeProperty in class Debugger
ProductionStrategyClass in namespace Tracy


Bar::renderLoader() — Method in class Bar

Renders loading