abstract class TagParserData

internal  generated trait used by TagParser


protected ErrorSymbol

Symbol number of error recovery token

protected DefaultAction

Action number signifying default action

protected UnexpectedTokenRule

Rule number signifying that an unexpected token was encountered

protected Yy2Tblstate

protected NumNonLeafStates

Number of non-leaf states

protected TokenToSymbol

Map of lexer tokens to internal symbols

protected ActionBase

Map of states to a displacement into the self::Action table. The corresponding action for this state/symbol pair is self::Action[self::ActionBase[$state] + $symbol]. If self::ActionBase[$state] is 0, the action is defaulted, i.e. self::ActionDefault[$state] should be used instead.

protected Action

Table of actions. Indexed according to self::ActionBase comment.

protected ActionCheck

Table indexed analogously to self::Action. If self::ActionCheck[self::ActionBase[$state] + $symbol] != $symbol then the action is defaulted, i.e. self::ActionDefault[$state] should be used instead.

protected ActionDefault

Map of states to their default action

protected GotoBase

Map of non-terminals to a displacement into the self::Goto table. The corresponding goto state for this non-terminal/state pair is self::Goto[self::GotoBase[$nonTerminal] + $state] (unless defaulted)

protected Goto

Table of states to goto after reduction. Indexed according to self::GotoBase comment.

protected GotoCheck

Table indexed analogously to self::Goto. If self::GotoCheck[self::GotoBase[$nonTerminal] + $state] != $nonTerminal then the goto state is defaulted, i.e. self::GotoDefault[$nonTerminal] should be used.

protected GotoDefault

Map of non-terminals to the default state to goto after their reduction

protected RuleToNonTerminal

Map of rules to the non-terminal on their left-hand side, i.e. the non-terminal to use for determining the state to goto after reduction.

protected RuleToLength

Map of rules to the length of their right-hand side, which is the number of elements that have to be popped from the stack(s) on reduction.

protected SymbolToName

Map of symbols to their names


protected $semValue

Temporary value containing the result of last semantic action (reduction)

protected $semStack

Semantic value stack (contains values of tokens and semantic action results)

protected Token[] $startTokenStack


reduce(int $rule, int $pos)

No description


at line 409
protected void reduce(int $rule, int $pos)

No description


int $rule
int $pos

Return Value