BlueScreen panels for Tracy 2.x

Bar panel for Tracy 2.x

Extension for Tracy 2.x

The exception occurred during Latte compilation.

Context-aware escaping.

ExpressionBuilder deprecated

HTML bogus tag.

HTML element node.

ArrayItemNode deprecated
StaticCallNode deprecated
StaticCallableNode deprecated

Only for parser needs.

PHP helpers.

PHP printing helpers and context.


Latte tag or n:attribute.

Lexer for PHP-like expression language used in tags.

Parser for PHP-like expression language used in tags.

Template code generator.

Template parser extension for HTML.

TokenStream loads tokens from $source iterator on-demand, and places them in a buffer to provide access to any previous token by index.

Templating engine Latte.

Iterates over key-value pairs.

Generates blueprint of template class.

Smarter caching iterator.

Basic tags and filters for Latte.

Template filters. Uses UTF-8 only.

{block [local] [name]}

{capture $variable}

{contentType ...}

{debugbreak [$cond]}

{define [local] name}

{do expression}

{dump [$var]}

{embed [block|file] name [,] [params]}

{extends none | auto | "file"} {layout none | auto | "file"}

{first [$width]} {last [$width]} {sep [$width]}

{for $init; $cond; $next}

{foreach $expr as $key => $value} & {else}

{ifchanged [$var]} ... {else}


{if $cond} & {elseif $cond} & {else} {if} & {/if $cond} {ifset $var} & {elseifset $var} {ifset block} & {elseifset block}

{import "file"}

{include [block] name [from file] [, args]}

{include [file] "file" [with blocks] [,] [params]}

{iterateWhile $cond}

{breakIf ...} {continueIf ...} {skipIf ...} {exitIf ...}


{parameters [type] $var, ...}

{= ...}

{php statement; statement; ...}


{switch} ... {case} ... {default}

{templatePrint [ParentClass]}

{templateType ClassName}


{translate} ... {/translate}

{try} ... {else}

{var [type] $var = value, ...} {default [type] $var = value, ...}

{varPrint [all]}

{varType type $var}

{while $cond}

Raw PHP in {php ...}

Extension for translations.

Latte extension.

Latte helpers.

Template loader.

Template loader.

Template loader.

The exception occurred during template rendering.

Filter executor.

Filter runtime info

Escaping & sanitization filters.

Functions executor.

HTML literal.


{sandbox "file" [,] [params]}

Security protection for the sandbox.

Default-deny policy.

Exception thrown when a not allowed construction is used in a template.