Provides objects to work as array.

Provides the base class for a generic list (items can be accessed by index).

Array tools library.

PHP callable tools.

Converts variables in a similar way to implicit casting in PHP in strict types mode.


Represents the file or directory returned by the Finder.

File system tool.

Finder allows searching through directory trees using iterator.

Floating-point numbers comparison.

HTML helper.

Basic manipulation with images. Supported types are JPEG, PNG, GIF, WEBP, AVIF and BMP.

Represent RGB color (0..255) with opacity (0..1).

Type of image file.

Utilities for iterables.

JSON encoder and decoder.

The exception that indicates error of JSON encoding/decoding.

Nette\SmartObject helpers.

Paginating math.

Secure random string generator.

PHP reflection helpers.

ReflectionMethod preserving the original class name.

String tools library.

PHP type reflection.

Validation utilities.


IHtmlString deprecated


The exception that indicates assertion error.

The exception that is thrown when an image error occurs.

The exception that indicates error of the last Regexp execution.

The exception that indicates invalid image file.